Why It’s Important to Use Lip Balm?
28 Sep

Why It’s Important to Use Lip Balm?

You Asked; We Listened. Here’s Why It’s Important to Use Lip Balm

As autumn winds begin to howl, there’s more to worry about than falling leaves. Changing weather often means low humidity, and that can leave your lips looking worse for wear. Search the internet, and you’ll find plenty of articles touting or condemning lip balm, but the science still proves that the right formulation protects lips from damage and can even restore them to their plump, kissable selves when made correctly.

First Things First

Lip products have multiple purposes, and lip gloss and lip balm serve very different functions. If you’re looking for shiny, tinted lips, then gloss makes sense, but its merits are strictly cosmetic. It won’t keep your lips moisturized or protected from the elements. Lip balm offers a thin waxy layer of protection that keeps wind, water, and cold at bay. But the comparison doesn’t end there. With the right formula, you can keep your lips looking luscious year-round.

Ingredients Matter

Think all lip balms are the same? Think again. Whether yours comes in a twist-up bullet or a jar, carefully examine the ingredient list to make sure you don’t inadvertently dry your lips out further. Ingredients in products that speed up the healing process when you have a cold sore can ultimately dry out your lips when they’re healthy. Save the phenol-, menthol-, and camphor-based lip products for times when you’re battling a lip infection. That trio has antiseptic properties that you only need occasionally, if at all. You may also want to avoid products with lip plumping ingredients, other than hyaluronic acid, because the tingling you feel is actually the result of the ingredients irritating your lips.

Ingredients that Should Be in Your Lip Balm

To keep lip balm in a stable, solid state, the formula often contains wax. The most popular varieties include carnauba wax or beeswax. At Acca Kappa, they chose carnauba wax and added  Candelilla Cera to their Bio Lip Balm. It’s vegan and plant-based wax and plays well with Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax. Both ingredients are rich in fatty acids, which add emollients while keeping the lip balm solid. It also contains organically grown shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and argan oil to give back what the elements take away.

Switch Up the Intensity When the Weather Changes

Where go-to products are concerned, lip balm tops the list due to its portability, longevity, and ability to mimic and restore the natural lipid barrier. But what if you still need more moisture? Consider adding an intensive lip treatment to your arsenal, especially when the weather gets cold. Ingredients like retinyl palmitate make lips more supple and eliminate dry flakes, especially when combined with moisturizing oils and extracts. This Intense Moisture Lip Balm includes retinyl palmitate as well as sunflower seed oil, hydrogenated castor oil, and honey, making it a great choice as a lip mask while you sleep. Of course, you can use it during the day as well because the beeswax and shea butter (occlusives) help lock in moisture while you’re out and about.

Keep Your Fingers Out of That Jar

With hygiene on everyone’s mind, you probably don’t need to be told that lip products in little jars can easily become contaminated if you’re constantly sticking your finger in them. Applying lip balm with your finger may feel good, but stop doing it unless you’re washing your hands immediately before applying it. Better yet, invest in disposable lip wands. You’ll keep your product sanitary and reduce the risk of potential cold sores. Just remember not to double dip!

Here’s to lips you’ll love all year long!

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