Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea
06 Apr

Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea – it’s one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. So healthy, in fact, that it has been used as a traditional herbal Chinese remedy for hundreds of years. This super beverage is full of immunity boosting qualities, many of which has dramatic effects on your health, your mood, and even the overall quality of your skin.

Here are what we consider to be the top 10 benefits of Green tea…

1.             It can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

2.             It can help reduce the risk of harmful diseases, such as cancer.

3.             It can lessen the chances of cardiovascular illness.

4.             It can lower LDL cholesterol.

5.             It can assist with weight loss by curbing appetite.

6.             It can be applied to cuts and burns to help with faster healing.

7.             It can increase the health of skin.

8.             It can lessen dark spots on the epidermis, typically associated with aging.

9.             It can provide a boost of energy without the crash.

10.          It can keep you looking young with antioxidants.

The benefits to green tea are great and many. We can’t recommend this incredible beverage highly enough! Try some today and see these amazing benefits in action for yourself.

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