Be the Best House Guest Ever with These Thoughtful Gifts
14 Jul

Be the Best House Guest Ever with These Thoughtful Gifts

One of the most generous things people do is open their home to family and friends. After the long COVID-19 separation, it’s time to rekindle our friendships, and summertime brings out the entertainer in us all. If your friends have invited you for an afternoon barbecue, pool party, or even to stay a few days, consider yourself incredibly lucky, but don’t show up empty-handed. Make your visit or temporary stay a memorable one by thinking outside the gift-giving box.

Give the Gift of Self-Care

Every hostess wants her guests to enjoy themselves, which usually means putting in hours of pre-party prep. Reward your friend with something that will restore lost moisture from washing tons of dishes and cleaning the house from top to bottom. Citrus- and floral-scented soaps and body lotions last far longer than a tray of brownies, and your hostess will appreciate being able to pamper herself after the guests depart. Or consider this Calycanthus Discovery Set. It combines floral and citrus notes as well as peach and orange blossom honey, making it perfect for a summer evening. It includes regenerating shower gel, Argan oil and green tea body cream, and a matching soap and fragrance sample to make drifting off to dreamland an elegant experience.

Leave a Sensory Surprise in an Unexpected Place

One thing we all appreciate  now is liquid soap. It’s convenient, sanitary, and leaves our hands feeling much softer than the hand sanitizer that we’ve relied on of late. Leave a bottle of White Moss Sanitizing Hand Wash on the kitchen counter or bathroom sink, and everyone will thank you for your thoughtfulness. Aside from its antibacterial qualities, it’s steeped in honey and chamomile, so your hands will be both clean and moisturized.

Help Your Host Set the Mood

Of all our senses, scent is by far the most powerful. Just try to imagine Thanksgiving without the smell of pumpkin pie, and you’ll quickly realize that your olfactory system and your memories go hand in hand. Researchers have discovered that scent “information is relayed directly to the limbic system, a brain region typically associated with memory and emotional processes.”

Summer conjures up thoughts of fresh citrus, salty air, and tropical foliage, so consider gifting your host or hostess with a beautiful Murano glass diffuser complete with one of these bestselling citrus or white moss fragrances. Each elegant bottle suffuses the room with a subtle, yet uplifting fragrance, and the bottles can be repurposed to hold small seasonal flowers or makeup brushes, so they can be enjoyed even after the fragrance is gone. Bonus: If you need to stock up on giftable fragrances, check out the new Home Fragrance Discovery Set. You’ll have something to share with four different friends and one to keep all to yourself.

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