Father’s Day Gift Guide
08 Jun

Father’s Day Gift Guide

No matter how old they get, guys will always love their toys. Grills, mowers, sound systems – you name it. Boys will be boys. But just because their propensity for youthful antics happens to be a common trait all men share doesn’t mean every dad in the world is a carbon copy. In fact, there’s a lot of variation to the male experience.

This Father’s Day, don’t get your dad the same old toys. Spice things up a bit with something new. You might be surprised at the response! In this blog, we’ll walk through a handful of different personality types that will help you determine the best, unique option to gift the head patriarch in your life with total confidence.

The Modern Man

Ah, behold the modern man. He’s rugged, yet put together. Dangerous, yet playful. He’s in tune with the world around him and isn’t adverse to change. In fact, his favorite thing to do is quiz you on what’s new as his way of keeping in touch with the constantly evolving world around him. Heck, maybe he’s even grown a beard in recent years as a way to stay consistent with the trends of the time. For him, a shaving set and facial hair brush is the perfect complement to his contemporary flair.

The Young-At-Heart

Even if it makes you cringe sometimes, his devil-may-care attitude and youthful spark makes you smile. He’s got a social media account on every major platform and isn’t afraid to dive headlong into #DadTok. But underneath that boyish charm lies a proud father with years of love and experience under his belt. Help him balance the multigenerational man he tries to be with a scent that's as young, elegant and adventurous as him like Giallo Elicriso.

The Conservative

No, no. We’re not talking politics here. We’re talking about the dad who is cost-conscious and understands that the true key to wealth lies in intelligent monetary choices. He works hard for his money and has always reminded you that a strong work ethic is the key to success. He doesn’t deviate from his tried and true male cosmetics, but he’s also not opposed to trying something new. He’s just not willing to leave the money to chance. Help him step into the 21st century with a trendy, yet classic parfum, like 1869 by Acca Kappa.

The Engineer

This one’s for all the dad’s who have a box full of broken toy parts they swear they’ll put back together one day. This goes out to the man that puts elbow grease into everything, even if it starts a fire. He’s a tinkerer, a tailor, an innovator, and a dreamer. And fix-‘em-up projects are the driving force behind his charisma. But with all that sweat and focus, sometimes he loses sight of how to properly care for himself. Remind him with a green mandarin body lotion and body wash. His suffering skin will thank you.

Naturally, there are so many more categories for the dads of the world out there. But if we named them all, this post would turn out longer than a Harry Potter novel. So instead, consider the aforementioned catalog of common male archetypes a starting point from which to analyze your own father.

Remember, above all else, you’re your dad’s greatest gift. No matter what you get for him, he’s going to love it, because to him, the gift is an extension of who you are. Check out our page here for more Father’s Day ideas, and to all the paternal figures out there, thank you for all you’ve done, all you’re doing, and all the love you’ll continue to give.


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