5 Winter Skin Care Tips for Women
11 Feb

5 Winter Skin Care Tips for Women

When you think of all the things that naturally go together, winter, and dry skin seem synonymous. Traveling in and out of doors means exposing your skin to everything from heated, forced air to bone-chilling cold. And if you live someplace arid, the humidity levels may be non-existent. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected from environmental factors means modifying your skincare habits season by season. Luckily, adopting some of these habits is super simple.

#1 Buy a Better Bar Soap

Every bar of soap is different, and ingredients and manufacturing make a huge difference in the final result. Triple cold-milled soap bars are harder and last longer than commercial brands, which makes them a great value. Acca Kappa’s artisanal bar soap contains ingredients that nurture skin and envelope it in uplifting clouds of creamy, moisturizing lather. Fan favorites include Mandarin & Green Tea (for those who can’t wait for spring) as well as White Moss and Jasmine.

“My sister and I absolutely love Acca Kappa soaps and other products. Not only are the scents wonderful, but the lather is very rich and the bars are surprisingly long lasting.” Peggy S.


#2 Switch to a More Balanced Cleanser

If your skin skews to the oilier side of the spectrum, you may cherish the lack of humidity this time of year. Unfortunately, oily skin can become dehydrated in winter, so make sure you use a cleanser that has a balanced pH level. Look for products with the words “gentle,” “balancing,” or “pH 5.5” to ensure your natural oils aren’t inadvertently washed away with your makeup and sunscreen. Thanks to a broader understanding of pH balance, manufacturers often label their offerings with these key terms, and you’ll find them for reasonable prices in your local drug or retail stores.

#3 Stockpile Hydrating Skincare Products

Water loss can make your skin feel worse when the weather is cold and windy. To keep the moisture from escaping, add a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum to your routine as well as an occlusive cream. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the air and binds it to your skin. Follow this with your favorite jarred moisturizer to seal in the hydration. Tip: Moisturizers in jars are generally thicker than those in pump bottles like this Body Butter.

#4 Rethink Your Shaving Routine

Men aren’t the only ones struggling with their shaving routine in winter. Shaving your legs not only removes hair; it also exfoliates dry skin. If you get the afternoon itchies (that sudden intolerable itch that seems impossible to quell) your body care regimen might be to blame. Try switching to a shaving foam during winter. After bathing, lather up your legs with emollient, White Moss Shaving Foam. The formula lasts an exceptionally long time and contains olive, macadamia and cocoa oils, shea butter that nourish and add moisture to skin.

 #5 Apply Body Lotion On Damp Skin

When temperatures drop, so do humidity levels, and that means finding new ways to trap moisture in your skin. If you regularly apply moisturizer to your skin, try doing it before drying off from your shower. Wet skin draws moisturizer into the skin more fully and locks it in, so you won’t feel parched or itchy so quickly. Acca Kappa’s Body Lotions nourish dehydrated skin while forming a moisture barrier to prevent oxidative damage due to free radicals. Antioxidant-rich green tea, caffeine, and exfoliating fruit enzymes improve your skin while hydrating it as well. Plus, they pair beautifully with similarly scented soaps and hand lotions for a full body experience.

“Lovely lotion. Love the smell, texture, absorbability and the way it moisturizes." - Carol H.

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